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How did the economic crisis affect you in 2020?

de Tais Sheglu (2020-10-28)

I think that online store owners haven't been too affected by this crisis. In addition, many small and medium-sized businesses have received government support or found a way to cut their costs, so that they have enough resources to restart. For example, I also made some changes to the work of my company. I actually left only three employees, including myself, because I wouldn't have enough money to pay salaries for everyone, besides, I decided to give up renting an office, I'm confident in my team and that each of them will work no less effectively remotely. I replaced all other specialists with professionals from an outsourcing company, here [URL=][URL] you will find a more detailed description of this service. I think they work really well and I don't have to teach them or do tedious interviews.